Never as planned

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Never as planned

Postby DingleDel » Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:54 am

Things haven't exactly gone to plan over the last month or so. My mum has been really quite poorly and I have been doing doctors/chemist runs and trying to hep out in any way I can.

Then the Friday before Half term, I was driving Amelia to school after a routine Pediatrician appointment at the hospital, when she has some sort of "seizures!" Quite a shock as they came completely out of the blue, and so far, for no apparent reason. Got a 24 Hour ECG booked in this month but all tests taken so far have been clear. I have spent the last few weeks wanting to wrap her up in cotton wool and watch her 24/7.

Still, time will tell. She went back to school yesterday, mum seems a little bit better and I really need to try to establish some sort of motivation or routine in my life. We (Chris and myself) joined a Gym at the beginning of September and are trying to lose some weight, live a healthier lifestyle and spend some of our respite time doing something positive together rather than just sitting in pub or walking around shops aimlessly while Amelia is at her clubs!

I am still trying to finish decorating the conservatory, which I started before the Summer Holidays! :oops:
Crafting consists of looking at Pinterest although I did treat myself to some new digi downloads last week in the hope it would motivate me.

If anyone has any advice how to keep motivated it would be much appreciated, at least with all the extra running around I have been doing it has taken my mind off of my own pain. LOL

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Re: Never as planned

Postby Melis » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:08 am

You poor thing. Life has certainly been tough for you lately. I saw on Facebook what was happening to Amelia. Glad she is showing signs of returning back to normal.

No idea how to keep you motivated. However if you ever find out, please share. :lol:


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Re: Never as planned

Postby Carolyn » Sat Nov 04, 2017 10:47 am

Oh poor you what a catalogue of disasters.

Get motivated to make small gifts for christmas.

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