RULES for Posting

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RULES for Posting

Postby cbcadmin » Fri Apr 17, 2009 11:22 am

Just thought I would put a few things down here about the Crafts by Carolyn forum. It is free for all of you (as are the other information services on the web site) and it is funded by Crafts by Carolyn and the sponsors of the forum I would be grateful if you respect this:
    I hope that everyone finds it valuable and that all postings are polite. Please make sure that the posts are suitable for all ages and of a nature that everyone would like to read, this includes avatars. If in doubt remember it is a card & craft making forum first and foremost.

    We like to be a bit different here and we don't have sparkly signatures. 8) Having had a poll many years ago we have stuck with it, and the members like the fact that the forum is quick and easy to read...So please no sparkly or big signatures 8)

    This style forum was introduced in April 09 and there is post with some hints and tips on how to use the forum.

    I ask people to register as I feel this is a way of deterring abuse, but I do not pass on this information to any third party, you must register with a valid email address. If you do not register with a correct email address your membership will be deleted. I do send out emails about the forum or the site to members.

    Do not
....posting as the administrator

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