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Emily Barr

Postby Melis » Wed Jun 10, 2015 7:29 pm

I have just read a book called The First Wife by Emily Barr. I hadn't read anything by her before but really enjoyed this one. I did think it was a bit slow to start but then all of a sudden I was sneaking off to read an extra page and going to bed early so I could have a good hour or so before hubby came up.

It is about a young woman who has been raised by her grand parents and they have now died. She has nothing and has to find a place to live and work. She starts cleaning for people and then she gets involved with one family in particular. The wife commits suicide and the story continues with what impact this has on her life. There is also a sub plot with another character called Jack. I thought that story was very weak but it didn't stop me enjoying the book.

So what has anyone been reading lately?


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