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Postby gminshel » Thu Aug 21, 2003 2:28 pm

Hello everyone.
My names Gemma, I come from Walsall in the West Midlands and I have a serious addiction to two things.
1 This web site
2 Making cards

My friends mom introduced me to card making just after christmas last year and I have been addicted ever since. She got me started by giving me loads of bits and pieces and I also chopped up last years christmas cards.

I have always loved gluing and snipping so I this is definately the best hobby for me.

Since starting I have sold over 200 cards mostly at work. My busiest time so far was valentines cards. I sold around 50 at work and then my moms boyfriend sold about 20 at his work.

I must really get started on the Christmas ones now because as well as selling them I also need to send about 80 cards myself.

I will never buy a normal card again!!!

Dont you find that you look at everything in a different way now? As in " That would look good on a card" when you have jsut unwrapped a really expensive present and are more interested in the paper that the present?

Anyway, thats all from me for now (Bit if a chatter box)

Cant wait to chat to you all.

Love Gemma x
PS does anyone know if you can buy punches that punch letters eg A B C??

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