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Postby Lucylou » Tue Dec 02, 2008 9:22 pm

I could just resurrect the old post, but not sure how much of it will still apply :wink:

I am Lucy, live in Worcestershire (just over the B'ham border) with John, Gemma the GSD, rabbits and occasional parents. I have 2 1/2 horses- Penny (childhood pony) who is very old, but very naughty and enjoying her retirement, Phoebe, my *baby* horse and Hugecob, who is part mine.

I am a lecturer at Birmingham Uni- something I fell into after my PhD, but my real passion is counselling and I am currently planning/working on a career change :envy:

In my spare?? time, I enjoy jewellery making and I sell in a few local shops and via a few more outlets, which pays for my expensive Pony habit. I used to love cardmaking, but haven't made many recently. I also love high risk sports, such as jumping over silly things on horseback and skiing down steep mountains. I am also partial to the odd bit of shoe shopping, gossiping and red wine drinking :wine:

So Hello :envy: to those I haven't yet met and hello again :wink: to those I have

My little pony

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