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Here is a quick list of all of some of the projects on the site. There are loads of other pages besides - but I thought it would be simple to have a quick wander this way....just click through the pictures to find out more, or vist the creators blog by clicking on their name.

Resist project by Carolyn & Jackie

Using Versamark by Carolyn & Jackie

Template or craft Robo template for a Christmas decoration

Papercrafted project by Calv

Papercrafted project by Calv

Template or craft Robo template for a bag card or notepad holder

Card project by Sue

Card project by Jake

Card project by Jake

Acrylic Album Made by Sue

Exploding Box by CarolM, sample shown by Carolyn 

Matchbook Album Made by Sue

Covered PGTips box Made by Maddy

Covered PGTips box Made by Maddy

Covered PGTips box Made by Maddy

Post Its note cover Made by Calv

Covering a peanut tin - by Carolyn

Mini album birthday card made by Carolyn

Step by step pocket card Made by Jan

Stamped card made by Sarah

Lots of handbag ideas from scratch by Carolyn

Tri folded card made by Ellen

Inking embossing folders by Carolyn

Making a magazine holder by Calv

Using Distress inks by Calv

Bead ideas for cards by Carolyn

Step by step rubber stamp masking by Angelnorth

Ghost stamping by OkeyDokey

Loads of Robo files for download

Free downloadable printables

Inspirational ideas with foreign phrases - card by Adele

Date calculator for loads of inspiration

Free downloadable printables - change to your own wording and font

  Crafts by Carolyn Oct 2009